Hausfrau Transformed Our House
— Phil

We are absolutely thrilled with your service, the house has looked the best it ever has, but also real, fully in keeping with both the style and era of the house, and also contemporary, giving visitors the ability to see how they would live in the space. And the evidence is in the number of groups who inspected the property, far more Jellis Craig tells us than any other property on their books at the moment.

And it has also been a real delight to work with both of you, your warmth and consideration in difficult times made a real difference to both of us.

Johanna Verberne 3BR Rosanna

Words cannot express how grateful we are to Sam and Jane. They transformed our modest house into something beautiful and elegant – a work of art! Their styling attracted HUGE numbers to our open-for-inspections which resulted in a sale price that drastically exceeded our expectations! As parents of four young children, the prospect of preparing a house for auction (and living in it) was overwhelming, to say the least. Sam and Jane were systematic in their approach, they provided practical advice and took an enormous amount of stress out of the process. Having the option of Sam to refresh the house each week prior to each open was our saving grace – she well and truly got us over the line. They were professional, diligent, friendly - an absolute pleasure to deal with. We wholeheartedly recommend Hausfrau - they are masters of their craft!

Gabrielle Wood 3BR Regent

Aside from being incredibly professional, Sam and Jane were a lot of fun to work with and I loved their playful banter during the weekly flower refresh that took all the stress away from preparing for inspections.

They made our house look amazing in a way that appeared personal and lived in, right down to the kitchen utensils set out for buyers to imagine themselves cooking dinner in their new kitchen.

Hausfrau’s willingness to work around us living in the house throughout the campaign was a significant cost saving and we appreciated being able to keep a lot of our furniture in the house to minimise disruption during a busy time.

Thank you for a great result! We would love it if you could style our new house when the time comes.

Leonie Hammill 3BR Carlton North

 We recently had Hausfrau style our home for an auction campaign in Preston. We moved out and gave Sam and Jane free reign to dress the house as they saw fit. This wasn’t a hard decision - from the first moment we met them we knew (provided they were available) we would work with them! They are warm and honest professionals, who were also prepared to take on board any queries or suggestions we had. On the other hand they were honest about areas we could do work to maximise the potential of our home.

Throughout the campaign Sam came to the house at least once a week, to refresh flowers, touch up bedrooms and was generous enough to spot clean windows, turn on the heating for a bit before inspections and always made the house feel homely and inviting for prospective buyers. This was so valuable to us, having 3 young children and working, it took a massive weight off our shoulders.

We were thrilled with everything Sam and Jane did for us and the amount of positive feedback from inspections about the immaculate presentation of the home was overwhelming.

We are extremely grateful to Sam and Jane for their incredible sense of style, their personal investment into our selling experience and could not recommend Hausfrau highly enough to anyone looking for a styling of their house to make it feel like a home, not a display model. Their input clearly had a massive impact on our auction result. We’re hoping they will be available to help us out with our new home!

 Peter & Jacqui Duxson, 3BR Preston

Hausfrau transformed our house from boring and small to elegant, stylish and expensive and they did it all in a matter of hours. It almost made me want to keep living there, it looked so beautiful. Best of all we achieved 20% higher than our reserve price.

Phil    2BR house Heidelberg

 I was a bit awkward about having someone coming in to style our family home and that that I’d feel a bit judged.  They were professional, punctual and friendly and incredibly responsive throughout the home inspection and auction period. They displayed an uncanny ability to anticipate our needs and suggest things we hadn’t thought of.

Kirsty   3BR Preston

 A lot of styling companies recommended by Real Estate agents just felt very generic, a paint by numbers exercise with no input from us, the vendors. When we met with Jane and Sam what we got was something unique. Their styling was specific to the house and the area which was a really big differential in attracting the type of buyers we wanted. In the end we attracted multiple buyers which delivered a fantastic result. I have no doubt this is because of the style and feel of the house they delivered.

Shannon  4BR Northcote

 I’d been given the services of a stylist by my real estate agent but their advice was very limited and not especially helpful. Hausfrau’s approach was in stark contrast and left me feeling much more confident about what I could do to increase the value of my home. Their attention to detail meant that the smallest touches were noticed. The agent was very impressed with the result and said he could hardly believe it was the same house he’d seen only a couple of weeks earlier. He later said that the styling was a major contributing factor to the final sale result – a result way beyond my hopes and expectations. I thoroughly recommend Hausfrau’s services for styling a home, apartment or unit for sale, knowing their work will dramatically improve the sale result.

Hilary  3BR Hughesdale

From the moment I met Jane from Hausfrau, I realised that we were in good hands. She really understood the ‘personality’ of our house and, as we walked through, she knew the  most appropriate way of presenting the house to bring out it’s best features. The warm and welcoming styling allowed our home to shine and gave us a great result through the open inspections and auction process. I would recommend Hausfrau to anyone looking for someone they can trust to make great decisions in presenting a house for sale.
Thank you Jane and Hausfrau for making everything easy!

Marie Gibson 3BR Northcote

 Hausfrau were commissioned to style my Collingwood apartment for sale and the ladies were quick to identify opportunities to better arrange the space.  With a confident and curatorial eye they rearranged and removed some existing furniture and added a host of tasteful decorative items.  The result being a far more open welcoming space which has received compliments from photographers and agents alike. 

Mike Ingram 1BR Collingwood

 Thanks Hausfrau for making our house so desirable for sale. We were daunted by the amount we had to achieve in a short time, but when you advised us on how to de-clutter (no mean task with two small children) and brought your gift with colour and eye for detail, we knew we were in safe hands.

 The weekly visits were much appreciated; without your ongoing support the whole experience would have been a much more stressful time.

 We enjoyed living in such style for the duration of the campaign, and it was inspiring to have our things given the expert touch.

 The price we got exceeded our expectations, going that bit further with styling was worth every cent. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone selling their house, or even just for a home makeover.

Maggie Aitken, 3BR Brunswick

I would like to thank both Jane and Sam for dressing my house. I believe that their work and flair gave the property the sugar hit it needed to have a very successful sale with 7 bidders competing for the house. These girls were wonderful to work with and presented our property to 100% of its potential. These girls are professional,have great ideas,skills and flair. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to maximise their sale of a property.

Chris Browne, 3BR Reservoir